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Press Release

Scenarist, LLC announces release of Scenarist BD v2022

Launch of Scenarist UHD v2022 and BD v2022

 NEW May 18, 2022 News Release

Scenarist, LLC Announces Release of Scenarist UHD 2022

Launch of Scenarist UHD v2022 and BD v2022

 NEWMay 18, 2022 News Release

Scenarist, LLC in the United States launched StayConnected DX and Scenarist SD subscription services

The industry standard DVD authoring software ScenaristSD is finally available as a subscription

 October 13, 2021 Press Release

Telecall, Blacknut and Radian Arc Partner to Offer Over 500 Premium Cloud Games

Radian Arc has agreed with Telecall to jointly provide IaaS adopted by Blacknut to Japanese telecommunications companies and game publishers.

June 29, 2021 Partner release

Euroleague Final 4 virtual ticket sales start, YBVR supports live feeling

Commercialize virtual tickets for Euroleague Final 4, the world's first global top sporting event, and realize premium immersive experiences on mobile phones, tablets, PC/Mac, OculusVR, etc. with YBVR technology

 May 27, 2021 Partner release

Scenarist, LLC appoints StayConnected DX Inc. as its strategic partner in the Japanese market

Scenarist, LLC concludes a strategic sales agency agreement in Japan with a new company established by key members

March 8, 2021 Partner release

Partner Release: YBVR Raises $1.5 Million in Funding Verizon Ventures, TCA and Wayra (under Telefonica) Participate

Developing an immersive 360-degree video streaming service that makes full use of XR video platform, 5G and edge processing power

 February 18, 2021 Partner release

Notice of establishment of "StayConnected DX Co., Ltd."

Providing an XaaS platform that creates a digitally connected future

December 23, 2020 Press release

​Online AI exam proctoring app "WISE PROCTOR"

Start selling in Japan from December 1st

December 1, 2020 Partner release

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