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Maintenance, Updates, Technical Services, FAQ

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Scenarist maintenance is an annual contract that entitles you to free updates and upgrades during the contract period. We also provide an access for  older version (dongle-less only) upon request. This is a paid service per license.



Hotline is an additional service added to the maintenance. This add-on provides email support for problem inquiries and access to a FAQ support site featuring usage guides and authoring notes. Additionally, when purchased with maintenance, project analysis is included. Scenarist engineers will analyze project details and log files to identify problems and provide solutions. The Hotline add-on is a paid service available per company.


VIP concierge
(add on)

The VIP Add-on is a premium service that offers additional benefits on top of the Hotline Add-on. VIP Add-ons include a key protection program, which provides a temporary license allowing you to continue working on another computer while repairing your primary PC. Additionally, you receive early access to the latest software and new versions. The VIP Add-on is also a service available per company.

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