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APAC Only (purchase outside of APAC will be handled by Scenarist, LLC)



4K HDR10 Encoding 

TITAN supports a wide range of input formats, media containers and video codecs, allowing you to convert all kinds of mezzanine files to H.265 HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and VOD/Push-VOD services for Ultra HD Blu-ray formats. It can be transcoded to multiple outputs, including H.264, MP4/MPEG-2 TS for OTT delivery, and Apple®'s HTTP Live Streaming and Microsoft®'s Smooth Streaming for OTT delivery.

*TITAN -Dolby Vision Option

​▼ Encoere Option

It supports Dolby Vision.

Flow from purchase to delivery

* After making a payment with a credit card, download the app and License Guide and create a license request file (c2v).

(If you would like to apply for bank transfer, please contact

​*Send your information and c2v file to

​*After receiving the license request file (c2v) from the customer, the license will be issued in about 3-5 days.

*It will be delivered as a download.

*Depending on the timing, the delivery date may change due to the circumstances of the developer. Please note.

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