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                                                                                                                                                                      Scenarist, LLC

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          Scenarist, LLC Announces Release of Scenarist UHD v2022

                                  Scenarist UHD v2022 and BD v2022 now available simultaneously

 StayConnected DX Inc.

May 18, 2022


Today, Scenarist announced major updates to Scenarist BD v2022 and Scenarist UHD v2022, which were developed based on requests from Scenarist users and finally released today as v2022. 2022 includes features designed to reduce authoring errors and improve efficiency.


Scenarist and StayConnected DX will continue to support the authoring community by developing authoring systems that fit the needs of the times, even a quarter of a century after the birth of disc media in the 1990s.

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Release Note: Scenarist UHD Version 2022




New features

This release includes the following new features.

  • SBD-804 — Set media key block (MKB_RO.inf) to the maximum size by default (134.22MB instead of 5.24MB)(5.24MBではなく134.22MB)

  • SBD-894 — Set Audio Time Code in the Data Tree automatically

  • SBD-908 — Add feature to read start time metadata from .hevc header information                                                   

  • SBD-911 — Copy streamID when copying streams from one project to another

  • SBD-918 — Prohibit changes to the Audio Data Start Time when the Auto offset to video start time is set to True

  • SBD-922 — Add “Acmod” attribute to differentiate between 2Ch Stereo and 2Ch Dolby Surround Lt/Rt

  • SBD-923 — Add feature to check specification compliance of .jpg images used in META\DL folder

  • SBD-930 — New feature to add additional Playlist Mark (chapter) Options

  • SBD-941 — Upgrade to latest version of Dolby Atmos libraries – v1.0.1 (


Resolved issues

This release includes the following resolved issues.

  • SBD-662 — Allow option to change IG Color Space property (BT.709, BT.2020)

  • SBD-781 — Remove option to create CC6 Clips from SUHD

  • SBD-882 — Atmos Trim File Not Updated When TC Is Changed

  • SBD-912 —Allow lowercase letters in the Volume Label.

  • SBD-913 — Facility name length in project settings is capped at 20 characters

  • SBD-914 — Tree Ordering (Bug – Older 5.x versions of SBD kept the order)

  • SBD-916 — UI Appears Frozen During Dolby MLP Process

  • SBD-917 — All m2ts files removed from project when changing Max Transfer Rate to LTR/HTR

  • SBD-924 — File Tracker fails to replace files after locating files

  • SBD-926 — Unable to create a CMF

  • SBD-927 — Failure to create an image using Auto Layout

  • SBD-933 — Error deleting copied clips using trimmed PGs

  • SBD-939 — unable to layout LTR/HTR triple layer project

  • SBD-942 — New SUHD BDJApplicationProfile should default to 6 (not 2)

  • SBD-943 — Manually choosing a PTS break isn’t updating the layer sizes

  • SBD-960 — SUHD freezes during the pre-mux process, on a large branching titles

  • SBD-961 — Partial mux clip status “undone” in Layout Editor

  • SBD-984 — Trimming DoVi encode BL at clip level and then adding EL doesn’t trim EL correctly

  • SBD-988 — Eclipse verification error: CMF File Extent missing or incorrect


                                                                  Scenarist UHD v2022 Purchase Inquiries

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