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Notice to all school stakeholders: Online AI Exam Supervision App Announcement


Launching domestically on December 1st.

Online AI Exam Supervision App "WISE PROCTOR"

"Wise Proctor," already implemented worldwide, is an app service that prevents cheating in online tests using the latest AI technology. The AI detects cheating in real-time and notifies the teacher. This minimizes the burden on teachers during online tests, allowing for testing to be conducted seamlessly similar to in-person classes. Initial setup takes approximately 10 minutes, and it's an easy-to-use app that anyone can operate without IT knowledge.

"Wise Proctor" is a subscription service, so there are no initial investment costs. It can be implemented based on a certain usage level depending on the number of students. There are no additional charges no matter how many tests are conducted. It's an app service that is easy to implement even from a financial standpoint.

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