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We will make existing work and processes more efficient and provide services more flexibly. In order to promote digital transformation of conventional business authoring platforms, we will provide services together with Scenarist of the United States. 

Supporting schools with a comprehensive student support platform equipped with smart AI in the midst of the chaos of the educational scene in the new normal. We provide service development and subscription in cooperation with Wise Education Systems, Inc.

We will promote the creation of new business opportunities by providing the latest overseas technologies and services to Japan and promoting digital transformation. 8K 60fps 360° VR live streaming platform YBVR, GPU edge IaaS platform Radian Arc, SDN Active Port, cloud gaming platform Blacknut, etc. We provide various services with Digital 360 Consulting.

New arrival news

Launch of Scenarist UHD v2022 and BD v2022

 NEW May 18, 2022 News Release 

Launch of Scenarist UHD v2022 and BD v2022

 NEW May、18,2022 News Release

The industry standard DVD authoring software ScenaristSD is finally available as a subscription

October 13, 2021 Press release 

Telecall, Blacknut and Radian Arc Partner to Offer Over 500 Premium Cloud Games

Radian Arc has agreed with Telecall to jointly provide IaaS adopted by Blacknut to Japanese telecommunications companies and game publishers.

 June 29, 2021Partner release

Euroleague Final 4 virtual ticket sales start, YBVR supports live feeling

Commercialize virtual tickets for Euroleague Final 4, the world's first global top sporting event, and realize premium immersive experiences on mobile phones, tablets, PC/Mac, OculusVR, etc. with YBVR technology

May 27, 2021 Partner release

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