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Scenarist SD DVD Authoring

Scenarist is the de facto standard in professional DVD authoring software, boasting an overwhelming share of titles for sale in Japan. The reliability of the pre-mastering data, which is unmatched by other products such as Apple and Adobe, is such that it is sometimes specified by clients, post-production companies, and press shops.

Full DVD standard support

Achieving professional specifications on Windows PC

It fully supports functions unique to DVD, such as hierarchical menu branching, multimedia audio, multiangle, and multistory, as well as settings such as copy protection, regional code, and dual layer, which are essential for the production of commercial titles. A next-generation DVD authoring environment compatible with professional specifications can be built on Windows PC.

Non-programming operating environment using GUI

Not only DVD-Video standards, but also various added values

It comes standard with full support for the DVD-Video standard, as well as value-added advanced features such as the world's first Dolby Digital software encoder on a PC and DVD-ROM/Enhanced-DVD formatting. We also offer a group of options to realize Enhanced-DVD production, which is a hybrid of DVD-Video and DVD-ROM. We support the front lines of ever-evolving multimedia content production and expand the range of DVD authoring for our customers.

Plant Direct

This is a function that saves DVD mastering data (DDP2.0), which previously could only be written to DLT, to the hard disk. Once the DVD mastering data (DDP2.0) is written to the hard disk, it can be provided to the press factory on various media.

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