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March 8, 2021 Scenarist, LLC Appoints StayConnected DX Inc. as Strategic Partner in the Japanese Market
Scenarist BD Blu-ray Disc Authoring

Scenarist BD inherits the high performance and reliability cultivated by Scenarist (SD version). The detailed and practical operability, designed in cooperation with famous and influential Blu-ray Disc authoring houses in Japan and Europe and America, allows maximum compatibility with a wide variety of Blu-ray Disc players. This enables the production of highly interactive content while maintaining compatibility.

Scenarist BD User Interface
Full Support for BD-J Advanced Interactivity
Advanced Interactive

This is an authoring tool that has functions for authoring not only HDMV content but also BDJ content, such as seamless menus overlaid on video images, picture-in-picture, and building Internet connectivity over content.

You can fully incorporate the features that characterize Blu-ray Discs into your scenarios.

Extensive parameter regulation

Scenarist BD's "Blu-ray Control Engine" checks every aspect of Blu-rayDisc authoring, from image files, subtitles, and menu material to commands for title creation. No other Blu-rayDisc authoring tool offers the same reliability and player compatibility. It enables reliable and smooth Blu-rayDisc authoring.

Scenarist Blu-ray 3D Authoring

Supports the new Profile 5 format of the Blu-ray 3D standard.

Main Features


        Authoring supporting frame sequential method

        Offset settings for PG/IG/TextST streams

        Support for Blu-ray 3D dedicated PSR

        Support for Blu-ray 3D dedicated Navigatio Command

Comprehensive Format Support

Full support for Blu-ray Disc Profile (Profile1.0 Standard; Profile1.1 Bonus View; Profile2.0 BD-Live).

By supporting a wide range of formats, you can create Blu-ray Discs that meet a variety of requirements.

Functional specifications
Applications and Utilities
Blue-ray Disc Creation: Ptofile 1.0 Support
Blu-ray Disc Creation: Ptofile 1.1 and 2.0 Support
Blu-ray Disc Stream Support
Workflow Enhancement Features
CMF format support
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