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Blu-ray disc authoring The Scenarist BD authoring tool, which also contributed to the formulation of the BD standard, supports authoring in HDMV and BD-J modes, making it possible to create a variety of discs. The Adobe Photoshop plug-in Scenarist Designer is also included as standard, allowing you to quickly export menus and buttons and easily import them into Scenarist BD.

Scenarist BD annual

SKU: SEN-5009(12M)
    • ​License validity period (1 year)
    • Downloadable commercial BD authoring app
    • SCDX Scenarist support site registration fee
    • Does not include technical support, email support or training
  • *After placing your order, please download and install the Scenarist Licensing User Guide.

    *Create a license request file (c2v) according to the procedure and send it by email to The license will be issued within 3-5 business days after receiving it from us.

    *Delivery will be in download format.

    * Licenses are normally issued within 3-5 business days from receipt of the request file (c2v), but please note that there may be delays due to Scenarist's circumstances.

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