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Scenarist UHD can now capture HDR10+ with dynamic metadata in the stream that sets the luminance characteristics per scene or per frame.
*Scenarist UHD annual subscription required.

HDR10+ annual [optional]

SKU: SEN-5012(12M)
    • HDR10+ (valid for 1 year)
    • Scenarist UHD is not included.
    • Cannot be used alone.
    • Perpetual licenses cannot be granted.
  • * After ordering, please download and install the Scenarist Licensing User Guide.
    * Follow the instructions to create a license request file (c2v) and send it by email to The license will be issued in about 3-5 business days after we receive it.
    *It will be delivered as a download.
    *Licenses are usually issued within 3-5 business days after receipt of the request file (c2v), but please understand that it may take longer depending on Scenarist's circumstances.

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