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press release

                                                                                                                                                         December 23, 2020

                                                                                                                                                      StayConnected DX, Inc.



  Notice of Establishment of 「StayConnected DX Inc.」

~ Providing an XaaS platform to create a digitally connected future~

(Head Office: Hiroshima, Japan; Representative Director: Yuki Miyamoto), a company that promotes innovation and supports digital transformation, is pleased to announce that StayConnected DX, Inc.















Background of Establishment

Now in his tenth year of independence, he brings over 20 years of technical backbone in digital video, CDN, and edge computing platforms for multinational companies, and executive account management experience with telecom giants, content providers, consumer electronics, and the film and music industries. In recent years, the new normal has been in full swing. In the new normal of recent years, I founded StayConnected DX, Inc. to provide a platform to create new business opportunities by leveraging my experience and network.

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Characteristics of main businesses, including products and services



In order to streamline existing operations and processes and make them more flexible, we will promote digital transformation of traditional business authoring platforms as well, and work with Scenarist, Inc. to provide better services.



Amidst the disruption in education in the New Normal, we support schools with a comprehensive smart AI-powered student support platform and work with Wise Education Systems, Inc, USA, to support digital transformation.



In partnership with Digital 360 Consulting, we will promote the creation of new business opportunities by providing new overseas technologies and services to companies in Japan.

business partner:

- YBVR, an 8K 60fps 360° video streaming platform

-  Radian Arc, a GPU edge IaaS platform 

- Active Port, an SDN comp

-  Blacknut, a cloud gaming platform



 【Company Profile】

Company name: StayConnected DX Inc.

Location: 2F Ginza Otake Visidence, 1-22-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Representative: Yuki Miyamoto

Establishment: December 23, 2020




We’d Love to Hear From You

Please write to us at


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