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March 8, 2021


Scenarist, LLC appoints StayConnected DX Co., Ltd. as a strategic partner in the Japanese market

Scenarist, LLC concludes a strategic sales agency agreement in Japan with a new company established by key members



Marin County, California (March 8, 2021) - Scenarist, LLC, the developer of the world-renowned authoring application "Scenarist" for producing commercial movie releases in Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray Disc, BD3D, and DVD-Video formats, has announced the appointment of StayConnected DX Co., Ltd. as its primary strategic sales agent in Japan.


Ms. Yuki Miyamoto, the representative director of StayConnected DX Co., Ltd., was involved in the launch of Scenarist products at Sonic Solutions in the United States and spearheaded the dissemination of Scenarist products as Vice President of Business Development for the Asia-Pacific region. In recent years, she has continued to contribute to the establishment of Scenarist, LLC and has been actively engaged as the strategic partner liaison for Scenarist, LLC, earning high praise from Japanese users and industry leaders alike.

In the future, StayConnected DX Co., Ltd. will assume the role of the primary domestic sales and technical support contact for Scenarist products in Japan, replacing Daikin Industries, Ltd., which has been active in this role since its inception in 1996.

StayConnected DX Co., Ltd. will commence sales and support operations for Scenarist products starting from April 1, 2021.


■Comment from Yuki Miyamoto, Representative Director of StayConnected DX Co., Ltd.

"Scenarist, LLC provides the highest level of authoring tools that offer best practices in authoring technology and workflows for producing commercial releases. We are honored to be able to introduce Scenarist, LLC's technology and products to Japan. As we explore new business opportunities driven by the continued sales of physical discs worldwide, we look forward to building long-lasting and beneficial relationships with Scenarist users and partners in the future."


■Comment from Keiichi Ofuji, General Manager, Electronic Systems Division, Daikin Industries, Ltd.

"We take pride in our partnership with Scenarist, LLC and our efforts to cultivate the authoring industry in Japan. While our business direction has shifted, we believe that through the strong partnership between Scenarist, LLC and StayConnected DX Co., Ltd., we will continue to support the legacy we have built and contribute to the prosperity of Scenarist users and the disc authoring industry. We are committed to maintaining this support."


■Comment from Mikio Aonuki, director of Q Tech Co., Ltd.

"For over 25 years, Q Tech has utilized the Scenarist authoring system as a strategic part of our workflow. Scenarist has been an invaluable tool since its inception, and we are delighted that StayConnected DX, established by key members of Scenarist, LLC in Japan, has formed a strong partnership with Scenarist, LLC to support our outstanding technology. We look forward to the potential of new business opportunities based on future collaboration between these two companies and the Scenarist platform."


■Comment from Mr. Rolf Hartley, Managing Director, Scenarist, LLC, USA

"We are delighted to collaborate with StayConnected DX Co., Ltd. as our new strategic partner in Japan, which is one of the most important markets worldwide.

StayConnected DX Co., Ltd. and Scenarist, LLC have formed a partnership to not only maintain the high level of support for Scenarist products but also to create new business opportunities through innovative ideas aimed at enhancing the success of users in Japan."


■About Scenarist, LLC

The Scenarist brand's authoring system has been ensuring quality standards for commercial releases on physical formats such as DVD Video, Blu-ray Disc, Ultra HD Blu-ray, etc. since 1995. Recognized in the industry for its deep knowledge of disc standards and high compatibility with players, Scenarist is widely accepted as the industry-standard authoring technology in media production centers worldwide. We have earned immense trust as a reputable brand from major content providers in the home entertainment industry worldwide.


■Contact information regarding this matter

StayConnected DX Co., Ltd. (

Person in charge: Miyamoto, Nakano

TEL: 050-5806-1755



Scenarist, LLC  (

Person in charge: Cara Hartley

TEL: +1 (415) 250-7183

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