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March 8, 2021 Scenarist, LLC appoints StayConnected DX Co., Ltd. as a strategic partner in the Japanese market

An ID and password are required to use the user-only site.

  • Scenarist UHD User Site

  • Scenarist BD (Ver6.0~) user site

  • Scenarist BD (~Ver5.7.2) user site

  • Scenarist user site

  • Scenarist SD Ver4.x download site

  • Scenarist SD Ver3.3.x/Ver3.4.2 download site

*Passwords have been changed for the Scenarist user site and ReelDVD user site.
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Please note that support for the following products has ended.

ScenaristSD, Cinevision (TotalCode Professional) (for Blu-ray, for DVD-Video), Scenarist ROM Formatter

*Hotline support by phone and email will be discontinued for the above supported products. Please note that you can continue to view web content such as How tos and FAQs published on the member page.

*ID and password are required to view.

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